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21 Life Saving Youtube Video Shortcuts!


⏯ Toggle play/pause the video: K or Space bar

⏪ Go back 5 seconds: Left arrow

⏮ Go back 10 seconds: J

⏩ Go forward 5 seconds: Right arrow

⏭ Go forward 10 seconds: L

📺 Go to Full-Screen mode: F

📺 Exit Full-Screen mode: Escape

🏠 Go to beginning of video: Home

⚰️ Go to end of video: End

⬆️ Increase volume: Up arrow

⬇️ Decrease volume: Down arrow

🔕 Mute/unmute video: M

💬 Turn captions on/off: C

🌪 Skip ahead/back % of the video: numbers 1-9, 5 middle of the video

♻️ Restart video: 0 (not the keypad number)

🏇 Increase speed: Shift+. (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+. (period)

🐢 Decrease speed: Shift+, (may not work in all browsers) or Shift+, (comma)

🔎 Move forward 1 frame when video is paused: . (period)

🔎 Move backward 1 frame when video is paused: , (comma)

🔜 Move to the next video in a playlist: Shift+N (next)

🔙 Move to the previous video in a playlist: Shift+P (previous)

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