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About Struggleville

Welcome to Struggleville! My name is PJ and I run both this website and TheStruggleville Youtube channel. My website and Youtube channel are all about helping people save money on automotive, home improvement and tool related items. I have always done all my own repairs on my cars and my home and these repairs have always been done on a shoe string budget. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to sell a kidney on the black market to afford quality tools. Every single day right here on this website you can find AMAZING deals for the tools you need, from the companies you love at prices you can afford. I scour the internet to bring you the best deals so that you can spend less time worrying about how much your tools cost and spend more time putting them to work.

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8 thoughts on “About Struggleville

  1. Robert Walker

    Big thanks to you & Struggleville. Saved me a bunch of $$ on stocking stuffers this year with ACE Rewards deals – 3 grown sons. Have enjoyed your deals for quite some time now – sandpaper, lighting, tools, saw blades, etc. Huge thanks again for yor time & efforts. Enjoy both the links and the videos.

  2. Melanie

    PJ, you go on and on about those Olsa socket holders, but FAILED to tell the audience WHERE to find them or for HOW MUCH! Then, refused my application to rejoin Struggleville!!!! I swear – make this RIGHT or I’ll have a talk with Monica! …. LOL


    I’m done with Menards! I’ve been waiting on a $100 rebate since mid February and still havent gotten it. I’ve contacted the rebate center multiple times and verified my address and information. If this is what you have to expect to get rebates forget it. I do enjoy your channell and have saved money on other items, but Menards has not helped. Do you have any suggestions PJ?


    1. PJ Post author

      When you check your address on their site does it show up as processing or issued? If it does show issued, when you click on it does it say redeemed or partially redeemed? That would tell you if someone received it and is using it.

      If it doesn’t show up at all did you make copies of the receipt before you sent it in? I would e-mail rebates international a copy of the receipt. Also Menards has a machine just inside the door of most (all?) stores that allows you to print old receipts if you used a credit card for the purchase. You can try sending them a copy or returning the item the rebate was for and see if CS will give you the full amount back.

      FYI, you can charge $1 to a credit card and pay the rest anyway you like. That way you can always look up the receipt on that machine.

  4. Randy Gerhard

    Really enjoy your Menards and Farm and Fleet videos. Lived in the Joliet area for many years now reside in the Lasvegas area and really miss those 2 stores. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks again, Randy.