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Harbor Freight Tool Review – Portland 9.5 In., 7 Amp Electric Pole Saw 62896, 63190

We all know Harbor Freight can be hit and miss when it comes to the quality of their tools.  Your new tool can be a home run, a bust or anything in between.  And its really hard to tell how good the tool really is when you see it on the store shelf, or worse just seeing it on their website.  Tool reviews are a great way to get that much needed additional information to help you decide if a particular tool will do the job you need it to do.

The video review below features the Portland 9.5 In., 7 Amp Electric Pole Saw, item number 62896, 63190.  This review was done by myself and originally posted on my Youtube Channel.

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Let us know in the comments what you think of this tool!  Would you buy it?  Have you bought it already and what do you think of it?  Is there a tool you would like to see reviewed?

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7 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Tool Review – Portland 9.5 In., 7 Amp Electric Pole Saw 62896, 63190

  1. Jackie Rowe

    Good product but has one big problem…..can’t find replacement parts. Ours needs a new chain and we can’t find one.

  2. Bill Jenkins

    Super saw!! I got my saw at Harbor Freight last week. Easy to put together and easy to use. This saw does a great job and it has plenty of power to cut thru large (8 to 10 inch) limbs. I highly recommend this saw for anyone who hates to get up high on a ladder to cut tree limbs.