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Menards 11% Price Adjustment Rebate #8403 – Purchases 3/8/20-3/21/20

Thanks to JAMES for helping out with this post!

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If you are a Menards shopper then you probably have already heard of their 11% off sales. During these sales you will receive a Menards rebate worth 11% of your total purchase. What you might not know is that their is also an 11% Price Adjustment rebate. With this rebate you can get 11% off on purchases you made up to 2 weeks before the 11% sale started. Menards does not put this rebate on their website or make it available with the other rebates in the store. The only way to get this rebate is to ask for it at the customer service desk. Or print our copy below.

Key Points

  • Receipt must be dated 3/8/20 thru 3/21/20.
  • Limited to items purchased at full price. (I send in every receipt I have that meets the time frame, let them decide what was full price and what wasn’t.)
  • Must send in the original receipt. (If you used a credit card you can get an additional receipt printed from the machine near the customer service desk.)
  • Your envelope needs to be postmarked by 4/18/20.
  • The PO Box this rebate goes to is NOT the same as other rebates.

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    7 thoughts on “Menards 11% Price Adjustment Rebate #8403 – Purchases 3/8/20-3/21/20

    1. Jess C

      Does anyone know if this price adjustment takes longer to process? I mailed mine 7 weeks ago and still have not received anything.

    2. Lori B

      When I look my receipt up online and print it says ‘Not valid for rebate submissions”. Can I not use it for the adjustment rebate either?

      1. PJ

        I am pretty sure you have to have the original cash register receipt for any rebates, including the price adjustment.

    3. tj

      Thanks James and JP. I was wondering if this one would cover 2 weeks. I bought some of the free suff in the first week of the 2 week sale.