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Menards 11% Off Everything – Purchases 3/22/20 – 3/28/20

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This week Menards has brought back their 11% rebate. You can click on the image below to print the rebate form if you are in need of one. We will make a separate post when we get one of the 11% Price Adjustment rebates. CLICK HERE to see if we have created that post yet.

Menards has changed their rebate system. Now you only need 1 form for all your rebates. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PRICE ADJUSTMENT REBATE.

Rebate terms:

Mail rebate certificate and ORIGINAL rebate receipt(s) to:
Save 11%
PO BOX: 155
Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

3 simple steps to receive your rebate:
1. Fill out your name and address on this certificate.
2. Enclose the original Menards ® “Rebate Receipt(s)” and this completed certificate in an envelope.
3. Mail the envelope to the address above.

Please note:

  • A copied receipt will not be accepted.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.
  • Arrangements must be made for immediate pick up or delivery.
  • Check the status of your rebate at
  • Please print clearly, Rebates International is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail due to lack of print clarity.

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    2 thoughts on “Menards 11% Off Everything – Purchases 3/22/20 – 3/28/20

    1. Harry Boots

      I`m a follower of yours which i find you very much a go getter. I saw your explanations of the receipts and i was not sure about the free screwdriver with the 11% items you purchased. My question is how to add free items to your 11% to make it work. Sorry i`m a novice at this at 71 years old, go figure lol. I do enjoy your hustle and vigor wish i had not lost mine. Thank you H J Boots

      1. PJ Post author

        Sorry I don’t remember the screwdriver specifically but there are 2 ways to make money on any of the menards rebate deals. The first way is if Menards has an item that is free after rebate and the rebate is valid during an 11% sale. In that case you will get the rebate making the item free and you will get a rebate for 11% of the price you paid at the register that day. So a $5 item that is free after rebate becomes a $0.55 money maker.

        The other way is if you buy the free items that are shown in the weekly ad and then within 14 days of your purchase Menards starts an 11% sale. In that case you will mail in the item rebate just like normal and also use the price adjustment rebate and send in your original cash register receipt to get 11% on everything on that receipt.

        Hope that makes sense.