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Amazon: CRC BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner – Non-Flammable -19 Wt Oz 05089

CRC BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Flammable -1lb 3 Oz (05089)
18,392 Reviews
CRC BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Flammable -1lb 3 Oz (05089)
  • The original brake parts cleaner
  • Formulated to quickly & effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils, & other contaminants from brake parts, lining, pads
  • Cannot be sold for use in ca or nj
  • Non-flammable
  • This item is not for sale in catalina island

Promotion availability and prices can change at any time on Amazon. Information included on this page is accurate as of 2022-09-17 at 16:02 CST.

Home Depot: $4.48
AutoZone: $4.99
Walmart: $4.97

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4 thoughts on “Amazon: CRC BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner – Non-Flammable -19 Wt Oz 05089

  1. Michael Ruimerman

    This stuff is great. I’ve never met a mechanic that didn’t use it. I got notified last night by Camelcamelcamel when the price dropped. And I ordered it right away. It’s one of those things where you don’t know you need it, until you have it on hand. And after you have it, you end up using it often. It is not JUST for cleaning brakes… It is essentially an engine de-greaser on steroids. It literally melts oil and any kind of carbon or grim instantly. If you ever come across a task that requires “elbow grease” and a wire brush, do yourself a favor and squirt a little of this on first and that job will go 10x easier.

    1. Kerri

      “…you don’t know you need it …. ” I know exactly what you mean!!! I had something similar – carburetor cleaner – that I honestly don’t know where for sure it came from .. but it was in my basement…lol. I never paid it much attention until one day …. my kid left an ink pen in his pants pocket and sure enough I missed it when I was doing laundry. (I hate cargo pants – too many pockets!) Well, it left a God awful mess in my dryer. I tried everything from nail polish remover, Mineral Spirits, Goo Gone and half a dozen other things from all over the house. While several things kinda worked – nothing was taking it off easily. There was a crap ton of ink and I wasn’t about to try and put that much elbow grease into trying to get it out, unless I had to – this is INSIDE my dryer… no comfortable position to clean the sucker from!

      At this point I went down to the basement and the first thing I notice – carburetor cleaner. I figured – hey, it’s a solvent, so I’ll give it a shot. Ba-Bam! That’s the ticket! Spray it and instantly you could see the ink starting to release it’s death grip on the metal surface. It would wipe off without any scouring. It was however … a LOT of freakin ink – I would swear it was more than 1 pen, but alas just one. Having half my body inside the dryer full of sprayed carb cleaner – I got a wicked high from it … errr, mild poisoning I guess you could say. My eyes wouldn’t focus for the rest of the night. haha I knew that I needed proper ventilation – but being inside my dryer – short of taking the thing outside, there wasn’t much I could do about it. I just rushed and got it done as fast as possible. I was fine by morning anyway.

      Since then, I’ve found all kinds of uses for that stuff! And it all started with ink in the dryer ….

      1. PJ Post author

        You learn something new everyday. I half want to go get ink all over something so I can grab some carb cleaner and put it to the test!