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How To Get Struggleville Notifications

Never want to miss the next best deal on a tool you can’t live without? Below I have several very simple to set up options for you to never miss a Struggleville post or video.

Method 1

Method 2

Push notifications for your web browser or mobile device. We recently switched providers of our push notifications, if you were previously receiving them but are not anymore you may have to sign up again via the pop up at the top of the page when it loads or the bell in the bottom right corner of the screen. With push notifications you will receive alerts on your device anytime we post a new deal. We post on average 20 deals a day. Push notifications go out instantly so they are great for taking advantage of the best deals as some of the best deals only last a few hours or even minutes. Push notifications can be turned on or off by clicking the bell from the specific device you want to receive notifications on.

Method 3

We will use RSS feeds along with the website to send you notifications based on which content you are interested in receiving. You will need to create a free account with Feeder. Once signed up you can install their browser extension (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari). You can also install their apps (Android, Apple).

Now you will need to add the feeds that you are interested in. The bottom of this post has a full list of feed options for this site and my Youtube channel. Once you find the feeds you want you will open the extension or app and click the plus sign. A window or box will open that will allow you to enter the feed URL, be sure to save before exiting.

Thats it! On the browser extension the icon will have a number by it representing the new number of posts. You will be able to see the title of each post and if you click the link it will take you to the page on this site. Simple!

Method 4

This option also uses RSS feeds but this time we are going to use the feeds to send us an e-mail anytime a new post is created. To do this we are going to use a website called You will have to create a FREE account on the site. Once you have an account CLICK HERE. In the new window click “Turn On”. In the box at the top you will enter a title for this RSS feed. In the box at the bottom you will enter the URL of the RSS feed you want an e-mail for. The bottom of this post has a full list of the RSS feed options. IFTTT will also ask you to connect your e-mail address to the site. If you would like to set up e-mails for multiple feeds you can click the link above again and repeat the process.

RSS Feeds

Any of the URLs below can be added to your RSS feed reader (or IFTTT) to start receiving notifications. – This feed is all the deals I post on individual tools. This does NOT include Harbor Freight coupons or weekly Farm & Fleet or Menards posts. – 13Deals – Ace Hardware – Acme Tools – Amazon – CPO Outlets – Farm & Fleet, includes individual item posts and weekly deals post – Home Depot – Lowes – Ohio Power Tool – Sears – ThatDailyDeal – ToolBarn – Walmart – Woot! – This will only notify you when a new Harbor Freight coupon post is created. It will not tell you when new coupons are added to the new coupon page, free coupon page, dollar menu page or 20% coupon page. Will be the exact same posts as the e-mail list. – Menards weekly posts including 11% rebates and 11% price adjustment rebates when available. Will be the exact same posts as the e-mail list. – Get notified when I upload a Youtube video

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Struggleville Notifications

  1. Kevin

    I was receiving Struggleville notifications in Chrome, but sometime in the last week the notifications stopped. I checked Chrome settings for notifications and I found the url: “” was in the allow list.

    Are Struggleville notifications down at this time?

    1. PJ Post author

      Hi Kevin, I recently changed the provider of the push notifications so you will have to resign up for them. You should see a pop up at the top of the page whenever you load a page from the site. If you do not get that pop up you can turn on the notifications with the red bell icon in the bottom right corner of the page.