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Amazon: 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with 12Pcs Sandpapers, 6 Variable Speed By TackLife PRS01A

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TACKLIFE Orbital Sander, 3.0A 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with 12Pcs Sandpapers, 6 Variable Speed 13000RPM Electric Sander Machine, High Performance Dust Collection System, Ideal for DIY - PRS01A


Current price: $33.97 (Amazon Prime members may get free shipping when purchasing this item. Not a Prime member? CLICK HERE for a 30 day free trial!)

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3 thoughts on “Amazon: 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with 12Pcs Sandpapers, 6 Variable Speed By TackLife PRS01A

  1. Dashjackson

    I have the 5 inch bauer and based on the pics of the tacklife I would swear they are identical except for the color.

  2. Dalton

    Well I went for the tacklife sander. Hope it lives up to your reviews on thr brand. Was going to go with the bauer orbit sander from HF but decided to spend the 80 cents more fore the tacklife because it comes with the sanding pads. Thanks for the deal notification!

    1. Kerri

      I have the TackLife 3×18 belt sander – I purchased it because it came with clamps so that you can clamp it to the table and use that way in addition. I was going to jerry-rig whatever belt sander I purchased to do just that and figured why not give them a shot again. I have a few things from TackLife now – I purchased their plunge Router that came with a circle jig, hand held base (not a fixed base per say – it’s an odd thing and I haven’t used that part of it yet) guide plate and a flex shaft – all for ridiculously cheap. I figured for around $80 I think it was – if it survives this one project, it would be worth it. I have a router but it’s a pain to get off my router table. Well I have come to really love this little zippy router. It’s loud as hell but I can live with that.

      Now these tools are not Festool quality of course, but they’re not disposable quality either. I would rate TackLife above HF for the few things that I can honestly say I’ve tried and used. It’s really nice to know that there are some companies out there that can provide a decent quality tool that you don’t have to make payment on to own! Also – when possible, I like to chat with someone to get their feedback instead of only reading reviews – mainly because you can never be sure if the user is some yahoo that thinks they know it all but hasn’t gotten their hands dirty …ever!

      I hope that this sander works out for you!