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Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Deals Filtered By Your Vehicle!

Amazon has a tendency to make things more difficult than they really have to be. The instructions below will show you how to filter Amazon Warehouse deals by your specific vehicle and by specific discount percentages.

*This process must be done through a web browser, you CAN NOT use the mobile app. If you need this page in the future it is linked in the menu bar under the Amazon heading.

1. Add your vehicle(s) to your Amazon account.

2. CLICK HERE and on the page that loads click “Replacement Parts”

3. Once the page is finished loading you need to copy the portion of the URL that starts with “&vehicle=” and ends with the last character before the next “&”. For example for my 1966 Caprice I would copy “&vehicle=1966-47-433-20———–2” (Amazon has updated this page since this post was originally written. IF the loaded page didn’t show a bunch of car parts then look in the upper left corner for text that reads “Find parts for your:”, select your vehicle and click GO. From that page you can do step 3.)

4. Now you will want to filter to items that are discounted. Click any of the URLs below.

  • 90% or more:
  • 80% or more:
  • 70% or more:
  • 60% or more:
  • *I do not know how Amazon decides the percentages off, you will definitely see items that are not so highly discounted but this still helps to filter out items that are not a good deal. Also sometimes the item was highly discounted but it has sold and the filter has not yet updated.

    5. Now take the partial URL you copied in step 3, mine was “&vehicle=1966-47-433-20———–2” and paste it to the end of the link you clicked in step 4.

    If you want to see everything that fits your vehicle regardless of discount add your partially copied URL from step 3 to the end of this link

    That’s it! Happy shopping!

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