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Horrible Customer Service From Dish Network

Thinking of signing up for Dish? Think again. Check out the transcript below to see an example of their awful customer service. Not helpful, not interested in being helpful and just closes the chat at the end.

And BTW, I still can’t log into the Dish site.

Chat Transcript

General Information

Operator: JAYSUN
Interaction ID: INT-sv1appis16-1536511174099-122315

Auto-Generated Message (16:49:45 GMT) : DISH: Hi, I’m the DISH virtual agent. I can help you with many things. If I can’t, I’ll connect you with someone who can.

DISH: How can I help you?

Visitor: chat with a real agent

DISH: I am sorry about that! Let me connect you with someone who can help you with that.
JAYSUN (16:49:54 GMT) : Hi! Thank you for choosing Dish. This is Jay, how may I help you today?
Visitor (16:50:15 GMT) : Hi, I am wanting to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC tonight but my NBC channel has been removed
JAYSUN (16:50:30 GMT) : I’m so sorry for that.
JAYSUN (16:51:18 GMT) : It is because NBC is one of our local take downs as of the moment. But don’t worry because we’re taking actions regarding this issue to get the channels back immediately.
Visitor (16:51:49 GMT) : Will the channel be back up tonight for the game?
JAYSUN (16:52:38 GMT) : Let’s hope. However we don’t have the exact visual to it. Because our network providers want a price increase and that is the thing that we will not let to happen.
Visitor (16:53:03 GMT) : Well as part of my Dish package I specifically pay more for the local channels
JAYSUN (16:53:47 GMT) : I understand.
Visitor (16:54:31 GMT) : So why do I pay more for locals and I am not getting them…?
JAYSUN (16:54:58 GMT) : You’re right.
JAYSUN (16:55:27 GMT) : In this case you will be provided a $5.00 for a month while we’re waiting for the channels to comeback.
Visitor (16:56:14 GMT) : Is there anyway to know when they will come back? Is there an online stream that I can get NBC to watch the game tonight?
JAYSUN (16:57:17 GMT) : I’m so sorry to inform you that we don’t have any visual to it right now.
Visitor (16:58:27 GMT) : ok, also I received a card in the mail that talked about getting an upgrade for the Hopper DVR, do you know the specifics of how that change works and does the monthly bill change?
JAYSUN (16:59:05 GMT) : Yes. we can upgrade it here. However for us to process it we must have your account number.
Visitor (16:59:36 GMT) : ok how do i find that
JAYSUN (17:00:03 GMT) : Kindly check your account on your
JAYSUN (17:00:51 GMT) : Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Visitor (17:01:08 GMT) : yes, how does changing to the hopper affect my bill?
JAYSUN (17:02:48 GMT) : It will make affect your Bill to be higher.
Visitor (17:03:25 GMT) : then how is it a free upgrade?
JAYSUN (17:03:50 GMT) : The free is for the upfront payment.
Visitor (17:04:27 GMT) : how much per month is the hopper box
JAYSUN (17:04:49 GMT) : $15.00
Visitor (17:05:22 GMT) : and how many tvs does the connect?
JAYSUN (17:06:05 GMT) : 1.
Visitor (17:06:41 GMT) : and how much does it cost for each additional tv
JAYSUN (17:07:05 GMT) : For every Joey it is $7.00.
Visitor (17:07:37 GMT) : ok, and you applied the $5 credit to my account?
JAYSUN (17:07:52 GMT) : It will be applied once you have the account number.
Visitor (17:08:48 GMT) : well your website isn’t working so i can’t get the account number
JAYSUN (17:09:49 GMT) : I see. In this case kindly check your cache.
JAYSUN (17:10:20 GMT) : I hope the resolution that we have provided, satisfy you. If you have further questions and inquiries, feel free to visit our website at Have a great day ahead.