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Amazon: Sunex 2568, 1/2 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set, 43-Piece

[amazon_link asins=’B00MPQ8784′ template=’Deal’ store=’strugglevil03-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b9fc089a-50e7-4915-a1a3-882dc28bcb0c’]

ToolBarn: $219.75
Acme Tools: $208.99
Home Depot: $179

[amazon_link asins=’B00MPQ88RY,B002MW9UW8,B00LNH7728,B002MWBOJK’ template=’ProductGrid-Custom’ store=’strugglevil03-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f382319c-86d5-403b-8b0f-d36cb7ab75c5′]

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One thought on “Amazon: Sunex 2568, 1/2 Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set, 43-Piece

  1. Michael Ruimerman

    I recommend taking a look at Sunex 2569 vs. the Sunex 2568, especially if your goal is auto repair. This 2569 is the same set but its in metric. If you dont know the significance between metric and sae (for automotive repair), ALL automakers in the world have switched over to metric fasteners for many many years now, even if your vehicle is “made in America” it has metric fasteners. I think GM switched over as far back as the 70’s & 80’s. I still come across people who think…
    “I have a Chevy. Chevy is an American based auto manufacturer, ergo I must have SAE fasteners.”
    Just wanted to maybe save someone the trouble of finding out “the hard way”. I’m not saying that there isn’t SAE fasteners out in the world or this set is useless, but if you are planning to do auto repair you will get far more value from the metric set vs. SAE.
    I have a buddy who is a mechanic. I was talking with him a few weeks ago and he mentioned he hasn’t come across a single SAE bolt in at least the last 7 years… He then went on to say that he regrets spending some much on tools when he started automotive school because nobody told him that half of them are basically obsolete. He could of gotten every job done by solely investing in metric tools.
    As to the 1/2″ drive Sunex set… It’s awesome. I have the exact set (in metric of course). And I also have the 3/8 drive Sunex Master Impact set (again in metric). I think I use the 3/8″ set a little more than the 1/2″ set but that is probably specific to me and my vehicles. The tools themselves are perfect, both sets.
    P.S. I just went and checked I think the metric set (2569) is cheaper also. I don’t know if the sae set WAS cheaper at the time this was posted and sold out what but again ide look at the metric.