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Harbor Freight Free Item Coupons!

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Below you will find active FREE item coupons to use at Harbor Freight.  We will keep this page updated so that the coupons displayed are always valid.  You can use the code below the barcode to make an online purchase or a purchase through the 800 number.  If shopping in store you can print the coupon or show the cashier the coupon on your phone!

Don’t forget to grab your 20% off coupon and check out the latest Super Coupons from Harbor Freight!

Harbor Freight has drastically reduced the number of free item coupons they release. The current trend is to release free item coupons that are only good for 1 weekend at a time. We will post those coupons on this page when they are available. Be sure to check out our Harbor Freight Dollar Menu which is a large list of coupons for items under $1.

Thanks to CHUCK for sending us this AMAZING coupon!

Here are some of the items we USED to see free item coupons for (Fingers crossed they come back someday.):

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58 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Free Item Coupons!

  1. Gregory Simms

    The Free Item coupon for the Harbor Freight Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is expired, Can you update the coupon posting with a current or valid expiration date?

  2. Henry Hal Smith

    I have used my SMARTPHONE, when it was emailed to me by them, and sometimes they use marker so you cannot use same one, but i print a whole bunch, right now I am stocking up on AA and AAA…..hehehheehe, got tons of real cheap things that I need, and get the free batteries….WALA. they seem like sometimes they getting pissed, but not much they can do about it. FREE COUPON doesn’t have on it yet…..not allowed to use if it no the original COUPON, so copies are allowed. And like i said, they have tons of small stuff, $10 and less, and even $5 and less, then your also getting the free items, one per day ain’t too bad now, nor too difficult to get around.
    And those Batteries aint too bad, well not for free anyway, about those multi-meters, had them for a while also, they went bad on me, got a good one now, about $5, and,,…WALA…free batteries….LOL and sometimes if you have the coupon out, they even give you the discount coupon off along with the BATTERIES….LOL and who am i to complain?
    Tin, i say go back and try again, maybe it was the person you dealt with, and they having a bad day, who knows, but they work…and if can do it, anyone can do it. I think they even beginning to know who I am. They ask for CELL NUMBER, i mumble…it is not in the system, then they proceed to ring my purchase. Got to watch what ya buy though, they do have, and have some junk in that place, just check out what ya buying before buying, i am sure youl’l be fine, just like with any other store….really.
    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! i just cannot pass by something that is free….LOL
    ROBERT-SIMPLE then, i would not shop there,…again..maybe it was just that one or two that work there that were having a bad day, they cannot go beyond what is and is not on that COUPON, if I felt like it, just write to headquarters, and let em know what is going on, that may work!!!
    [robert larocque—I AN DOWN HERE IN MIAMI, FLA….33183]

    1. dawn

      you do know that you can use more than one coupon in a transaction depends on the cashier.. but if you need to look at the cheap kids toys like the build your own air plane or dinosaur out of wood for 1.99 then get your item for free. the best free item I got was the electric tennis racket that kills bugs and let me tell you it works.

  3. robert larocque

    The store in Winter Garden Florida will not accept a coupon without a phone number and an Email address, it happened to me 2 times already and I see many people in long lines bieng FORCED to give up all the info or – NO SALE—

    1. Henry Hal Smith

      robert larocque LOL I AM DOWN HERE IN Miami, florida 33183, i use the store out west of the FLA/turnpike on SW 88th STREET. so far they been pretty nice about things. write to headquarters i think would do the trick, if there was a long line, i would take names of all the pissed off ones, then let em know….they will be losing customers if they dont stop that crap!! and that is what it is, BS. COUPON doesnt say nothing about all that, cell number, email…HECK ROBERT..down here they dont even know my name…..LOL
      I mean come on, keep trying, go back, dont let em get away with it. fight to good fight. give me your address, ill send you a few batteries, AAA or AA? 😀 😀 😀 right people? dont ya all think he should not give up?
      HECK, give me the store number and ADDRESS, ill write them [HEADQUARTERS] from here, and complain that when I was up there, they did this BS thing to me, and I want them to mail me the BATTERIES to me, right now for free….and see what they say… heheheheh

  4. Craig

    Where is the flip light coupon? My daughter stole mine and uses it to read at bedtime. So I’d like to get another, I see where you listed it up top but no coup.

      1. BNRusso

        if you use the struggleville search tool you can usually find the coupons not yet expired near the bottom of the search list.

  5. Mark

    Just noticed that on one of the magnetic tool bar coupons that it was listed as a U.S. General product; none of the other tool bar coupons say this. Is this actually a different magnetic bar?