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About Struggleville

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Welcome To Struggleville!  My name is PJ and I want to share with you a little bit about myself.  I sold my first item on eBay over ten years ago. Like many others I started out looking for things to sell around my house. I remember when I made my first listings I would practically sit at my computer all day refreshing the eBay page over and over again waiting to see a bid on one of my items. The first few items you sell are such a rush, such a feeling of accomplishment.

Fast forward about a decade and I am now making a full time living off of my online sales. I have since expanded into selling on other sites like Amazon and Bonanza. And although I have added other sites to the mix, eBay is still my bread and butter. Sure we fight. They make policy changes I don’t agree with. They slap me with a policy violation here and there (that cap gun had an orange tip as required per eBay policy, I swear). But at the end of the night I always come home to eBay. I have put in a lot of hard work but without eBay as a platform I wouldn’t own my house, my car or have the freedom to work my own hours and make money the way I want to make it. I know that there are a lot of eBay haters out there but I just don’t have it in me to be one. Ebay has provided me with a great opportunity.

I am very proud of my business and what I have been able to build for myself.  Before quitting my “regular” job and taking the plunge to do this full time I was working at the front desk of a hotel.  Minimum wage and getting screamed at by guests 5 days a week.  One day I was at work, it was a quiet night and we had a TV in the lobby.  I was flipping through the channels and a commercial caught my attention.  It was for the all new GMC Terrain.  It looked so awesome.  At the time I was driving a beat up Ford Ranger that had been getting less reliable by the day.  I wanted that damn car.  Seeing the price at the end of the commercial was so depressing, it cost more than I made in an entire year.  If I was ever going to own that car I would have to wait until it was 10 years old and had 200,000 miles on it.  That was the moment everything changed for me… it had to.


This page may seem like its about me but its really about you. About you having the courage to follow your dreams and do whats best for you and your family. It doesn’t matter what the goal is or what obstacles are in front of you. Go get your Terrain. If eBay is your thing then take a look through all the eBay Help posts on this site. Whether you are new to resale or have been doing it for 20 years, everyone will be able to find some nugget of knowledge in those posts. And if you have any questions feel free to use the Contact Us page and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

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  1. Noah scott

    What does PJ stand for? If you don’t feel comfortable telling me that’s okay it’s just to get to know you on a better level. 😉