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Harbor Freight Free Item Coupons!

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Below you will find active FREE item coupons to use at Harbor Freight.  We will keep this page updated so that the coupons displayed are always valid.  You can use the code below the barcode to make an online purchase or a purchase through the 800 number.  If shopping in store you can print the coupon or show the cashier the coupon on your phone!

Harbor Freight has drastically reduced the number of coupons they release. The current trend is to release free item coupons that are only good for 1 weekend at a time. We will post those coupons on this page when they are available. I would strongly suggest signing up for our e-mail list (Sign up form at the top of this page.) so you don’t miss out on any future free item coupons.

Here are some of the items we USED to see free item coupons for (Fingers crossed they come back someday.):

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63 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Free Item Coupons!

  1. Mark Russo

    Harbor Freight is garbage from China…..the place where the coronavirus originated. The tools were good for the price. But that was the only good thing. If it costs the same as going to Home Depot then I’ll just shop there where the feeling of selling out to China isn’t so obvious.

  2. Joe Blow

    The trend I see with Harbor Freight is fewer good deals (Everything is marked up 40% from pre-covid pricing) and fewer coupons in general. It appears to be a paradigm shift in how they do business by making the same items much more expensive than before across the board… this will not end well for them. The free coupons and great deals on “good enough” tools is what kept me a loyal customer but with their shift in business model, my loyalty to them is also shifting away from them. Sad to see yet another bone-headed, corporate strategy ruin another great retailer.