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Being Proactive About Blocking Potential Problem eBay Buyers

Recently I received an offer on an item that I was very tempted to take however the buyer left me a message that made me a bit uncomfortable. This was a multiple quantity listing of an action figure that was new in the original box. Normally I instantly reject any best offer when I have an item on sale (this particular item is already listed as 15% off) however this item has been sitting for almost 2 years and I am definitely tired of looking at it. The message the buyer left was “Nicest package of the two”. Obviously this person is a collector and although I am confident that the packaging is in perfectly fine condition the last thing I want is some super minor issue causes me a headache down the road. Before responding to this persons offer I decided to check the feed back that they had left for other sellers and here is what I found.

  • badfeedback1
  • badfeedback2
  • badfeedback3
  • badfeedback4
  • badfeedback5
  • badfeedback6
  • badfeedback7
  • badfeedback8
  • badfeedback9
  • badfeedback10
  • badfeedback11
  • badfeedback12
  • badfeedback13
  • badfeedback14
  • badfeedback15

I have NEVER seen so much red on one persons account before. Honestly this person is a scourge on eBay. I do not believe for one second he has run across this many “bad” sellers. Additionally, I would imagine he contacted these people before leaving the feedback, likely trying to get items for free and to get partial refunds. Many sellers will comply simply to avoid the possible negative feedback. Not only did I refuse his offer I added him to my blocked bidder list before even responding to the offer. For me, in my business no sale no matter how large is worth the kind of headache this guy is likely to be.

Check out the feedback for yourself

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