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Complete Guide To Using Rebates At Menards

This video above is intended to walk you through how the rebate system at Menards works. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

If you don’t already know, Menards is a hardware store located in the Midwest (You can also purchase items online and have them shipped to you if you live in other parts of the country).  It is a lot like Home Depot or Lowe’s but one GREAT thing about Menards is their rebate program.

Menards uses a mail-in rebate program that allows you to get certain products each week for either FREE, deeply discounted or to even make money from the purchase!  Below we will share with you a few details about the program.

The Basics

Each week the sale ad will display items that have a rebate available.  You will also see rebate notifications near the price of items on rebate in the store.  Each notification will include what the item is, the dates the rebate is available, the number of items you can buy and the price you will have to pay upfront.

After purchasing the item(s) the bottom of your receipt will have a “rebate receipt” for each item you bought on rebate.  Each of these special receipts will have a rebate number at the top.  Take this over to the customer service desk where they have all the rebate forms that you will need available.  

2023 Update: Menards has done away with individual numbers for each rebate. Now they use a single rebate form for all of the rebates. If you need a copy we have a printable rebate form you can use.

The rebate form will have the address of where to mail the rebate and a date by which the envelope must be post marked in order to receive the rebate.  It will typically take about 4 weeks to get your rebate back in the mail.  It will come as a roughly 4×6 card that has your personal information on one side and a breakdown of the rebates included and the total.  This rebate is a merchandise credit and can only be used at Menards.


If you return an item that has been on rebate you will need to have the rebate receipt along with the regular receipt in order to get a full refund.  If you do not have the rebate receipt they will deduct the rebate amount from the refund you receive.

Using Your Rebates

The rebate can be used to purchase anything in the store, including items that are free after rebate.  Also, you will NOT be charged sales tax on the portion of your purchase that is paid for with your rebate.  This means you can roll your free item rebates into more free items and they are truly free.

Quick Tips

  • You can put all your rebates in one envelope, you do NOT need to mail them separately.
  • When using in-store rebate forms you can stick a return address label on the form instead of actually filling it out with your personal information.
  • You can use our Menards Rebate Tracker to track the status of your rebates.
  • You CAN use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with rebates.
  • You can use any form of payment when buying rebate items.
  • The in-store credit rebate you receive does NOT expire.
  • You do NOT have to use the entire store credit with one purchase.  If you have a remaining balance the cashier will write that amount on your rebate card.
  • Mistakes can happen from time to time.  If you are mailing in a large rebate scan the entire receipt, including rebate receipt before mailing it in….. make sure to mail in the ORIGINAL.
  • Sometimes they will process a rebate even if it was mailed after the deadline.  Always mail in your rebates even if they are past the deadline.

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42 thoughts on “Complete Guide To Using Rebates At Menards

    1. Mark Keeler

      This happened to me and I was able to get a replacement rebate. On the Menards site for the Rebates, click on the Contact Us link. You will probably choose Other in their list of problems. This will take you to another page. If I remember correctly, I was contacted by the company handling the rebates. They can see if any of the rebate was used yet and cancel what remains. If not used yet that is better. They ended up replacing my rebate check. Good luck!

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  2. TKM

    Thanks for the video. My question is how do you use/redeem the rebate once it’s issued? I received my $88 rebate card in the mail and it’s showing it in the Mernard’s rebate center system. Do I need to physically go into the store to make a purchase in order to use the rebate or can I use it to order online? Thanks.

    1. PJ Post author

      You bring the rebate card they mailed you into the store and the cashier will scan the barcode. That amount will be applied to your purchase. If you have additional money still left on the card you will hold onto it and use it again for your next purchase until you get to a 0 balance.

  3. Elmir Becirovic

    I have submitted at least 5 envelopes of rebates for over $150 in the past 2 months. No rebates sent to me, nor does the rebate site have any tracking. Really feels like a scam for Menards to lure shoppers with a discount, but make it easy to not submit the physical receipt in mail. Menards has done nothing to improve the process with discounts.

    The transparency in the process is horrible. No other retailer does this. My guess is, Menards lures you in with 11% sale, then ask you to use a broken process with a 3rd party vendor where the vendor has no incentive to offer better transparency and as a result, instead of getting a discount at Menards, Menards gets full retail price. Huge scam!

    In the past, I have submitted multiple rebates and Menards has only honored 50% of them.

    If I don’t receive my rebates in the next month, i will never shop at Menards again.

  4. Sue Bohne

    I purchased items on line and paid for them and went to the store to pick them up. I was not given a receipt so I went to Menards and printed the receipts myself. The receipt is marked at the top have printed “not valid for rebate submissions” so how do I get a receipt that I can send in for the rebate?

    1. PJ Post author

      I’ve never purchased anything online from Menards. Rebate International processes the rebates so I would ask them, they have a contact form on their website,

    2. Joe Hocevar

      For online purchases, there is an attachment to your e-mailed receipt that includes the appropriate rebate receipt.
      I actually prefer the online purchase, since you cannot “lose” the rebate receipt!


  5. Kris

    I sent in over $120 worth of expired rebates and price adjustment and they honored all of them. I am thrilled to find this site, I needed a price adjustment form for a couple of weeks ago and found it. Thank you so much for posting them. I am going to share this site with friends and family.

    1. PJ Post author

      Thanks Kris, I appreciate it! I am hoping to get the new price adjustment form posted tonight or tomorrow!

      Take care

    1. PJ Post author

      I am not 100% sure, have never tried. But if you paid with a credit card you can use the machine at the front of the store to print a new receipt. That new receipt MIGHT have the rebate receipt at the bottom. If not you can ask customer service if they can give you the normal register receipt based off the purchase history on the credit card. (I had a cashier one time suggest to me that every time I buy something using my rebate to charge $1 to my credit card so the purchases could be tracked later if I need to.)

      Your only other option would be to return the stuff and repurchase if the rebate is still going.

      1. Mark A Keeler

        The receipt printed out by the machine when you have used a credit card does not have the rebate form printed on it. I only use it to make a duplicate of the receipt for when I send in the original for the 11% rebate. And the only receipts that the machine will print out are when you use a credit card or write a check. If you use a rebate check to pay, that is not available through the machine.That is why they suggest you charge $1 to your credit card when you are paying with a rebate check.

  6. Mark A Keeler

    I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the Rebates International site. I have tried for two days to check the status of some rebates, but my browser does not allow me access. I get to the second page where it says “Track rebates” and when I click that is as far as my browser will allow me to go. Other Rebate International links have the same problem. Both Chrome and Firefox are not allowing access due to the fact that the Rebates International site certificate has expired. So, is this just me or are others experiencing the same problem? Thanks.

    1. PJ Post author

      Looks like their SSL certification expired on the 18th and thats blocking anyone from accessing the site. Sometimes I have been able to just remove the “s” from HTTPS but thats not working. I would imagine they will get it worked out… sooner or later.

      1. Mark A Keeler

        Not that it matters but for anyone else wanting to check their rebates, I have found a way into the tracking page. After logging onto the main page, hover your cursor over the Help Center tab at the top. The menu will drop down and you want to click on Contact Us at the top. Then scroll down until you see the rectangular box on the left that says Rebates: Send Email. Click on that. The next page will have a contact form but ignore that and click on the top left tab that says Track Your Rebate. Finally you will get in so you can track them. Hope this helps until they fix what is wrong.

  7. Graciela Ruelas

    For the 11% rebate, do I need a certificate for each receipt? All my receipts are for the same rebate number.

    1. John

      I think you need to revisit Menards. Sales all the time, clearance items, 11% rebates AND the ‘price adjustment’ rebate. Add that to cash back when using their card (or almost any credit card). Plus, Menards is usually lower priced than any other brick and mortar – and usually even with Amazon.

      The only thing I wish they’d add – is a way to submit online.

  8. Mark A Keeler

    PJ:Two questions. 1) Are the 11% price adjustments that I sent in online for tracking? 2) What is the likelihood that I will receive a rebate that was omitted on a rebate check? I sent an inquiry to RebatesInternational with the information that I had; unfortunately I haven’t ever logged the Rebate tracking number on the bottom of the rebate slips so that is probably the info they will ask for. Thanks for any info. Mark

    1. PJ Post author

      The 11% price adjustments will show up when you are looking at the tracking rebates screen. The description field will say “11% PRICE ADJUSTMENT” once it starts processing. Each receipt will be on its own line but will be combined into one rebate when you receive it in the mail.

      Not sure on the odds but I have seen them do goofy things when processing rebates like join items together that were mailed at different times, say a week apart and also split things that had been mailed all together. So its possible the one you are missing will show up on another check. Also if you used a credit card for any portion of the payment then you can get a new receipt printed from the machine at the front of Menards stores. It wont print the rebate slip but then you could at least show Rebates International that you bought the item and it will have the date on it. Also for future reference you can put $1 on a credit card and pay the rest with a rebate or whatever you want and then you will be able to track past receipts from that machine.

      Its a good idea to scan or take a picture on your phone any rebate receipts before you send them in.

      Good luck

  9. Jean Whitney

    Did I understand correctly that I can use my 11% rebate during 11% week and get 11% off the item that I am currently buying that week AND get another 11% rebate.

    1. PJ Post author

      I am not sure, I have never bought anything online from Menards. Back before they shipped items from their website I have purchased things from Menards stores in different states and I received the rebates on those purchases but it wasn’t through the website.

  10. Sherry Jansen

    Hiw do I spend the rebate? I looked online and it was processed but I have no idea where my rebate money is or how I use it. Is it mailed to me?

    1. PJ Post author

      You will receive the rebate in the mail about a week after the status says “Issued”. It looks more or less like a post card and is folded in half. When you open it the rebate will say what the total is and has a barcode on it. The cashier in the store scans the barcode to use it as payment. If money is left over it will say the amount left on your receipt.

      1. Sherry Jansen

        Thank you! I haven’t received it and it’s been a couple weeks since it was issued. That’s why I have no idea how to use it.

  11. Mark A Keeler

    Have you ever not received a rebate that was mailed to you? I was due to get a $133.00 rebate check this past Tuesday (it showed up in the USPS Informed Delivery email that day) but it was not delivered. I have reported it but don’t have much faith that it will be delivered. The rebates are like cash; no I.D. is required to use them. If one of yours has been “lost” what did you do to try to get it? I imagine Menards will look itinto it but I don’t know if they can cancel the first one and issue another check. Any suggestions?