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eBay: DuroMax 10000 Watt Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Gas Propane Generator – Only $499.99!

Thanks to THOMAS for the heads up on this AMAZING deal!

This DuroMax (model XP10000EH) is a key ignition hybrid dual fuel generator. It operates on gasoline or LPG to provide safe power. Liquid propane fuel does not gum up or foul the generator’s carburetor, which ensures quick and reliable starts every time. This generator has an 18 HP unit overhead valve engine, with a maximum 8,000-10,000W power output and a rated power output of 9,100-10,000W.

Home Depot: $985.67
eBay: $499.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

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10 thoughts on “eBay: DuroMax 10000 Watt Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Gas Propane Generator – Only $499.99!

  1. L

    Price is almost a thousand dollars, when ya click the link. Just saw it on the SV video that just came out. Price must’ve already went up

  2. Kerri

    I’ve been on the fence about purchasing this generator – after reading the reviews. There is a long review left on Amazon, (I think it’s Amazon) that gets very technical into the issues he was having with the sucker. So to you guys that have purchased it – have you had an opportunity to crank it up? Any feedback? Also… does it come with the wheels on it already? Or do I have to assemble them on there? I’m looking to use this generator specifically with the propane as I have a gas generator already. At this price – it seemed easier to have a generator down at my basement door level to run my stuff downstairs in an emergency – instead of running cords all through my house from the other generator up in my carport. If that makes any sense. I don’t want to go through the trouble of hooking up my panel to the generator for a variety of reason… long stories. While it seems like a bargain at this price – if it doesn’t work or has issues – it’s a lot of money to pay for a paper weight. Any details anyone has on this thing and their experience – I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!!

    1. John Creevy

      Kerri, I have not had a chance to start it up — too cold & snow. It did come with wheels and handles. It came from Ontario, Canada by truck to my Chicago suburb. (How they made any money on this with free shipping is beyond me.) I am getting emails for extended service and warrantee. Also getting emails to buy a cover. That is $25. I paid $17 at home depot for a cover. The driver delivered it with his pallet jack onto my driveway but I had to unbox it and put the wheels and handles on it in the snow to get it into my back yard. I was kind of disappointed when I read the specs on the box. 10,000 watts divided by 120 volts is 83.3 amps. It’s only rated for 8,000 watts. The box said. 66.5 amps. I am replacing an 8500 watt peak, 7200 watt running generator that puts out 60 amps so there isn’t much of an increase for running amps. I didn’t pay attention to the difference between peak amps and running amps. My bad. The other reason I bought it was the dual fuel. I’d like to see how that works and potentially change that from propane to natural gas. But that might require expensive diaphragms and regulators. The other disappointment was that the generator did not come with a manual. Only pictures on how to install the wheels. Found a pdf file of the manual on the net.
      Also, there is only one axle mount on one side of the generator. It should have two. One on each side. Would I still have bought it after knowing that stuff? Yes. Dual fuel. Insanely Inexpensive. Also has an 8.3 gallon gas tank. My other generator is 6 gallons.

      1. Kerri

        John, Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment. Over in Chicago, eh – you wouldn’t catch my butt out in that cold!! Whew! I’m in Maryland and we were a balmy 2 degrees in comparison – but by Tuesday it’s going to be 60 degrees. I think mother nature forgot to take her meds. sheesh.

        Funny you mention the manual – what the heck is with these generator people and not providing manuals? I know it’s not rocket science but c’mon – even my toaster comes with a manual in 17 languages and it just makes bread hot! You would think something that is going to jump start your house would have more than an inspected by sticker…but I digress.

        As for converting to natural gas – it’s not difficult at all. You need a type C conversion kit from US Carburetor and everything you need is in the kit. Something to prepare for – you might have to cut the frame. The adapter plate goes between the air filter and the carburetor and sometimes the pesky frame is in the way. If so, bolt up some square stock and remember to cover your cut off end and slop some anti rust goop on there for good measure. It’s only an additional step but one that doesn’t instantly come to mind when thinking about converting. Put a shut off quick disconnect at the natural gas connection – and be sure to turn the generator off via this new gas valve instead of the switch on the generator.

        I don’t know why but something keeps me from pulling the trigger on this generator. I’ve seen the deal come and go a couple times now and had plenty of time to act on it. I think the complaints about the customer service maybe causing me to hesitate? Beats me – but I’ve learned over the years to go with my gut … even if it doesn’t make a bloody bit of sense.

        Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

  3. John Creevy

    I tried to buy when first added but deal was over. I got an email from ebay that this item was back on sale Saturday/1/19. I bought it. I just looked and it is still on sale 1/21/19 So you may want to re-activate this item today. It’s an awesome deal.