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eBay Search Rank Tool

Below you will find the Struggleville eBay Search Rank tool. This tool is designed to help sellers see how their items compare with competitors selling similar items. The tool will display where your item ranks against all other items that appear with the search term you used. To use this tool simply provide a search term(s) and click “Search”. Then enter the item number of the item that you would like to see the rank of and click “Get Rank”. Below the tool you will find some additional tips for using this tool and links to videos to help you improve your eBay search rank.

Note:  This tool can also be used to search UPC codes.  If you have ever tried using the eBay search bar to search a UPC code you may have noticed it usually returns an error message.  This tool will provide the listings using that same UPC code.


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Update: The search rank tool is up and running again but will go through periods where you will receive error messages. Ebay limits the number of searches the tool can do each day and we have reached a point where enough users are using the tool that we are hitting this limit. Once we hit the limit each day you will start seeing error messages until it resets at midnight pacific time. From the discussions I have had, it seems around August 1st eBay made some sort of change, either changing the limit or changing how the number is calculated. Also, their does not appear to be a way to raise the limit.

We are currently working on a solution to get the search rank tool up and running again

Tips for using this tool

  • Utilize the search results listed in the bottom portion of the tool.  The items you see are the best ranked items for your search term.  Click on those listings and look for patterns in the listings.  Do the titles use similar keywords or strings of keywords?  Do they tend to be Top Rated Sellers?  Store owners?  Do they all seam to use 10-12 pictures?  Are the item specifics filled out fully?  Replicate what the best ranked items are doing to help improve your own items ranking.
  • The tool works faster when your search returns less results.  This tool scans all the items that come up for your search term(s) until it finds your item.  Some searches may return 100,000+ results which will cause the tool to take more time to find your items rank.  The tools performs more efficiently with narrower searches, also these types of searches are more likely to be what potential buyers would search for.  So instead of searching “Ralph Lauren”, search for “Mens Ralph Lauren polo shirt”.
  • Above the search results of the tool their is a blue bar, this bar is to give you a graphical representation of how far down the search results your item appears.  The more blue bar, the lower your item is.​
  • To get the most out of this tool, do a search for a specific item and find its rank.  If your rank is lower than what you would like, make some changes to your listing and try the search again to see if you have improved.  Because the total number of items returned in a search will always be changing you may want to take your search rank divided by the total number of results and record that percentage.  Then every time you use the tool for that item compare your new percentage with the old.
  • Because the eBay search engine, Cassini, uses many factors including a specific users searching and buying habits and the results are forever changing, it is impossible for anyone to recreate eBay search results exactly.  However, if you compare results from eBay and this tool you will notice they are remarkably similar.

How to Improve Your Search Rank (videos)

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