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Harbor Freight Parking Lot Sale Ad Review!

The video below is a review of the Harbor Freight parking lot sale for April. I go through all the items in the sale and let you guys know what things are truly at their “lowest” price and which ones have better options elsewhere. Below the video is a copy of the notes I used to make the video.

Portland Pole Saw – Lowest price ever. Lowest coupon price has been $59.99

Outdoor Lights – Lowest price but only by $2. Coupons are for 19.99

Mitersaw Stand – Usually the coupon price is 99.99. We have seen a coupon for 89.99 in the past but nothing available right now

3 Ton Jack – Usual coupon price we have a coupon valid through 6/18 for the same price

Paint Sprayer Kit – We have seen it for 167 in the past. Coupon for 169 is available through 6/13

2000 Watt Generator – We have seen coupons before at 429. Best current coupon available is 449 valid through 7/9/

4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System – Coupons in the past have been as low as 198. Coupons are typically between 209-229. No coupons available.

4 Drawer Cart – We have another coupon at the same price valid through 5/7

5 MIL Gloves – Lowest price. Coupons are usually 5.99

Flip Light – Free item with coupon

Moving Blanket – We have seen 2.99 as a coupon before. Only current coupon available is for 5.99 and it expires on 8/6

Tie Downs – Lowest price. Usual coupon is 6.99. Coupons at 6.99 are valid through 6/18

Ammo Box – Lowest price. Usual coupon is 3.99. 3.99 coupon valid through 6/25.

Wire Strippers – Cant find any coupons.

Spray Nozzle – Lowest price. Coupon is usually 3.99. No coupons available

Safety Glasses – No coupons available. Have seen this at 99 cents before. Very similar glasses are at menard free after rebate.

Shop Towels – New item, no coupons

V Shape Hang All – Another coupon is available through the end of April for 99 cents.

Magnetic Parts Holder – Lowest price. Coupon price is 2.99. No coupons available the 6 inch version is free with coupon

Socket Driver Set – Same set has a coupon for 99 cents valid through 6/11

Braun Trouble Light – New item, no coupons yet on this item

Yukon Workbench – *BEST DEAL IN THE SALE* – Lowest price by $40. Previously the best we saw was 239.99. No other coupons available.

Variable Speed Multi Tool – Lowest price. Coupons are usually 24.99, no coupons available.

Single Speed Multi Tool – Lowest price but only by a dollar. Coupon is usually 14.99, no coupons available

Solar Rope Light – Lowest price. Coupon for 9.99 is available through 6/1

Belt And Disc Sander – 59.99 is the typical price with coupon, no coupons available right now.

1/2″ Impact Wrench – Lowest price. Coupon price is 79.99. Coupon available through 5/15

Hand Truck – Lowest price. No coupons available

6 Ton Jacks – Lowest price. Have a coupon for 34.99 through 9/3

Garden Hose – Coupon price is 25.99, no coupons available

Battery charger – Lowest price. Coupon price is usually 39.99. Have seen 37.99 one time

Travel Mug – Lowest price. Coupon available for 6.99 through 4/30

Rafter Square – No other coupons for this item to compare. Menards does have the same thing free after rebate on occassion

Fly Swatter – No other coupons available. They used to have free item coupons for it but its been awhile

Garden Sprayer – We have a coupon at the same price available through 5/9

Mover Dolly – Coupon price is 11.99. No coupons available

Gravity Feed Spray Gun – Lowest price. Coupon price is 9.99. Coupon is available through 6/9

Bauer Impact Wrench – No other coupons available but we have seen it at 89.99 before

6 Gallon Air compressor – Lowest price. Coupon available for 99.99 valid through 5/6

10 Gallon Air Compressor – No other coupons available but we have had coupons for $124.

Zurich ZR11 – Lowest price. Coupon price has been 129.99. No coupons are available

Steel Step Bits – 13.99 is the normal coupon price but no coupons are available

2000 Watt Power Inverter – We have had 119 coupons in the past but no other coupons available right now

4 1/2″ Angle Grinder – Lowest price but only by a dollar. No other coupons available

4″ Angle Grinder – Same as 4 1/2″

Workbench – Have a coupon at the same price valid through 5/11

Greenhouse – Coupon price is usually 199.99. No coupons available

Vulcan welding wire – Lowest price. Coupon price is 13.99. 20% page has a vulcan accessories coupon that never expires

Swingback Jack – Lowest price. Coupon price is 17.99. Coupon at that price is available through 5/19

Ratcheting Wrenches – Have seen them as low as 16.99. No coupons are currently available

Tarp – Free Item

Cargo Anchors – No coupons to compare to

Elastic Cords – Free Item

Gas Can – No coupons to compare to

Machete – Usually when a coupon is available it is for 4.99. No coupons are available

Transfer Pump – We have had coupons for 5.99. No coupons currently available

Cordless Drill – Lowest price. Have coupons for 16.99 available through the end of the year

Generator – We had a coupon just expire for the same price. Only currently available coupon is for 289. It expires on 5/7

Protective Case – Coupon for the same price is available through 7/20

Earthquake extreme torque – We have seen this item for 229 a few months ago. Current lowest coupon price is 239 and that ends on 6/9

Earthquake 3/8 – Coupon just expired for 129.99 on this item. No coupons available

105 Piece Tool Kit – We have seen 34.99 a bunch of times but no other coupons are available right now

Portable Garage – Lowest price but by only 2 dollars. Have a coupon available through 7/4 for 169

12 Ton Bottle Jack & Low Profile – Lowest price, great deal. Lowest previous price was 27.99

Miter Saw – Just had some coupons expire at the same price. No coupons available right now

Air Nailer – Lowest coupon by a dollar. No coupon available right now but it routinely available for 15.99

Portable Power Pack – Best price by only a dollar. 39.99 coupon available through 7/9

Latex Gloves – Coupon for 99 cents available through 6/11

Magentic Tool Holder – Free item

Quantum Headlamp – Lowest price by a buck. Usually 9.99. No coupons available

Tool Bag – Have seen for 5.99 in the past. Usually is 6.99. No coupons available

Towing Light Kit – Lowest price. Coupon available through 8/6 for 9.99

Tape Measure – Free item.

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