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New Coupons From Harbor Freight!

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Big changes have been going on over at Harbor Freight over the last year. They have gotten rid of all the free item coupons. Got rid of the print catalogs, replacing them with a smaller digital version. Inside Track Club coupons changed to no coupon instant savings for members. And at the time of this writing their is no February coupon available. The typical Harbor Freight link is dead. Rumors are their will be a catalog still and if it gets published we will create a post and let you know. For now, below are last latest coupons I have. The 20% coupon is the last one that I know of being available and it expires on 2/8. If you know of one with a later expiration date feel free to e-mail it to me and I’ll get it posted to share with everyone,

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4 thoughts on “New Coupons From Harbor Freight!

  1. TS

    As with most situations where a visionary man is replaced by his son, the son is going to ruin what the great man made. The son is even claiming to be “the founder” as if he had anything to do with the founding of the company (he was a teenager then). A year later he still doesn’t have a jack stand supplier to replace the deadly ones he sold us. Meanwhile, his idea of improving a store built on good enough tools at great prices is to try to compete with Snap-On. This won’t end well.

    1. Aleksandr

      The son *is* the founder. Of the *new* Harbor Freight. He wants a name for himself, so he must do something different…