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How To Boost Your eBay Feedback Score!

ebaylogoI recently received a comment on a Youtube video from a viewer who was a new seller and was having a hard time selling their items.  They said that they feel like people do not want to buy from them because they didn’t have any feedback yet they can’t build feedback because they can’t get sales.  It really is one of those chicken or the egg kind of scenarios but fear not I have a few tips for you to give that feedback score a boost!

Start Buying On eBay

The first thing you need to do before you start selling on eBay is to start BUYING on eBay!  Most of the time when you buy an item on eBay the seller will leave you feedback (remember sellers can ONLY leave positive feedback) so this is a great way to increase your feedback number.  It really doesn’t matter what you buy.  Consider buying things you can use around the house or supplies for your business.

If you are looking for cheap things to buy to really boost your feedback score quickly check out THIS LINK.  After clicking on that link you will see all the items listed on eBay that are selling for 99 cents or less and free shipping.  Many of the results are digital items such as books or recipes but it doesn’t matter what you buy the point is to get the feedback score up.  For $10 you could increase your score by 10, likewise for $100 you could increase it by 100.

An additional benefit to becoming an eBay buyer before an eBay seller is that you will get a better handle on how the process works and you can see what the process looks like from the buyers perspective.  It also gives you an opportunity to see how other sellers are handling sales.  Do they upload tracking information?  Do they send you an e-mail?  Do they include a packing slip or promotional material with the item?

Sell The CHEAP Stuff First

UntitledThe above tip is a GREAT way to improve your feedback score however it will not earn you DSR scores.  Remember for your DSRs to show (the 4 star categories at the top of your feedback page) you need 10 buyers to leave you feedback.  The only way to accomplish this is to start selling items!  As a new seller (or a veteran seller with a new account) it is important that you start off by selling the cheapest items you have.  You are still in the trust building phase and you don’t want to start things off with your best items because you won’t get top dollar for them, yet.  Start with selling cheap stuff.  Ship it the same day or day after it is purchased and leave the buyer feedback immediately after they pay for the item.  You can even leave a note with the package asking the buyer to leave you feedback (beware sometimes you get what you ask for!  This tactic could also lead to negative feedback from an unhappy buyer).

These are the 2 best ways to improve your feedback score as a new seller.  Your goal should be to get above 50 feedback before selling any high dollar items.  Once you reach 50 most people will look at your account and see that you are legitimate and that you know what you are doing.

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