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How To Put Youtube Videos In Your eBay Listings! (Updated – NO ACTIVE CONTENT)

Below is a temporary work around for posting Youtube videos in your eBay listings. As you may know, as of June 2017 eBay is no longer allowing active content within item descriptions. They are allowing linking to Youtube videos and embedding them in the product description. However, as far as I have seen, no one has a working code that allows Youtube videos to play within eBay item descriptions. (If you run across a working code please share in the comments below)

So here is a temporary work around. Basically all this code does it grab the thumbnail of the Youtube video and using some fancy formatting spoofs the user into thinking they are clicking on a Youtube play button. All they are really doing is clicking on a link that opens in a new window and the video will be able to play full screen. As far as I can tell this is completely within eBay’s rules.

There are 2 spots in the code below that you will have to edit. If you have your Youtube video open in a browser you will need to look at the URL and copy the video id. The video id is an alpha numeric code after the = sign. For instance the video ID for THIS VIDEO is Hkjhov-4y-Q. Once you have your video ID you will post it in the 2 places in the code below where it says ‘VIDEO-ID-HERE’

I will update this page when/if we know of a better option.


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