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Menards 11% Price Adjustment Rebate #8001 – Purchases 1/27/19-2/2/19

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If you are a Menards shopper then you probably have already heard of their 11% off sales. During these sales you will receive a Menards rebate worth 11% of your total purchase. What you might not know is that their is also an 11% Price Adjustment rebate. With this rebate you can get 11% off on purchases you made up to 2 weeks before the 11% sale started. Menards does not put this rebate on their website or make it available with the other rebates in the store. The only way to get this rebate is to ask for it at the customer service desk. Or print our copy below.

Key Points

  • Receipt must be dated 1/27/19 thru 2/2/19.
  • Limited to items purchased at full price. (I send in every receipt I have that meets the time frame, let them decide what was full price and what wasn’t.)
  • Must send in the original receipt. (If you used a credit card you can get an additional receipt printed from the machine near the customer service desk.)
  • Your envelope needs to be postmarked by 3/2/19.
  • The PO Box this rebate goes to is NOT the same as other rebates.

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    7 thoughts on “Menards 11% Price Adjustment Rebate #8001 – Purchases 1/27/19-2/2/19

    1. Jason

      Can you double rebate? So send in for rebates making a item free or $1 and then send in this 11% adjustment separate (Or even in the same envelope?). I realize it won’t work on every item since some are reduced plus rebate, but some were full price. Just seeing if you had tried this.

      1. PJ Post author

        Yes, absolutely you can. However don’t send them in the same envelope. They go to different PO boxes. Regular rebates go to box 155 and the price adjustment goes to box 83.

    2. Lemmy Duya

      I noticed they added a new line on these price adjustment rebates last time that says

      “Rebates cannot be distributed to other people”

      I wonder if they plan to start cracking down on sharing them online? They’re identical rebates for everyone, but maybe they’ll look for people using copies that have the same identifying marks or highlighted words like the last price adjustment rebate you put up? I hope not. Keep up the good work PJ!

      1. PJ Post author

        My guess would be that means the rebate slip on the bottom of the receipt cannot be distributed to other people? These slips where you fill out your info are generic so I don’t know how they would even be able to tell. The ones that have highlighting are highlighted by the store, (or somewhere higher up the chain, I don’t do it) so everyone who gets a slip from that store would have the same highlighting.

        I wouldn’t worry about it, I just send in everything I can find and let them figure it out.