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My Favorite Resale Tool is Back! Limited Time!

SkilCutterI have talked about this Skil Multi-Cutter tool in the past (the video below was posted on Feb 11, 2014) but I had to create this post because it is BACK!  For over a year now I noticed this tool has been listed as unavailable on Amazon.  At one point their was only a used one for sale.  Then just today I noticed that someone is selling them again, new.  The seller has 20 of these available as I write this.

I really love this tool.  I use it all the time for cutting boxes down or when I need to use some scrap card board for filler.  If you have ever had a hard time cutting cardboard with a razor knife or scissors this tool is a life saver.  As much as I have used this tool, I have never had a problem with it holding a charge or had to buy a new blade.  Looking at my Amazon account I originally purchased this item in 2013.  I find this tool so useful that I just bought another one today, just in case the one I have ever does break.

Give it a shot! You will won’t regret it!





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