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How To Quickly Find Items At Menards

Five or six years ago was when I first started getting into Menards rebates.  I would wait for the sale ad to come out every week so I could plan my shopping trip and pick up all the items that were free after rebate.  I even put up shelves in my garage along one wall and dubbed it “The Wall of Free”.  But one thing I always hated was trying to find the products in the store.  I feel like I am a logical person but would never find the items in the places that my logical brain told me to look.  Then I learned about how the Menards SKU numbers correlate to different departments in the store.  This cut my Menards shopping time in half!

The first digit of a Menards SKU number tells you what department that item is in.  For example the Masterforce 4.5″ Long Nose Pliers have this SKU number, 243-6438.  The first digit is a “2” this means we will find these pliers in the Hardware department.  Some items, like these pliers, are pretty obvious but this is useful information for those questionable items.  Below is the full list of departments and the SKU digit they are assigned.

  • 1 – Building Materials
  • 2 – Hardware
  • 3 – Electrical
  • 4 – Mill Work
  • 5 – Wall Coverings
  • 6 – Plumbing & Housewares
  • 7 – Floor Coverings

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