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Walmart: STANLEY PowerToGo Lithium-Ion Jump Starter/Power Pack – $34.81 (SS4LS)

Thanks to MATT for the heads up on this AMAZING deal!

Home Depot: $63.99
Walmart: $34.81

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2 thoughts on “Walmart: STANLEY PowerToGo Lithium-Ion Jump Starter/Power Pack – $34.81 (SS4LS)

    1. PJ Post author

      Thats what they are designed to do. Typically the only problem you could run into is if your battery is dead dead. Like 0.0 volts. These things are smart chargers and won’t let you reverse the cables, the battery needs to have just a little bit of juice for the charger to detect what is the + and what is the -. If your battery is 0.0 you might need a “dumb” charger or another battery and jumper cables to give it a little juice.