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Struggleville Tool Giveaway #1 – Ratcheting Screwdriver And Bit Set


Welcome to the FIRST Struggleville Tool Giveaway! This giveaway will have up to 4 winners and the winners will be chosen by a random draw. The prize is a Grip-Tite Ratcheting Screwdriver & Bit Set. (Click here to see a video of this item!) The giveaway has 2 parts, be sure to watch the video above to help fully understand how the giveaway will work.

Determining the number of prizes given out:

Whether we give away 1 prize or 4 prizes completely depends on YOU! For every 1,000 active installs my Struggleville Deals app has at the time I announce the winners I will be giving away 1 item. That means if we break 2,000 active installs then I will giveaway 2, and if we break 4,000 active installs I will giveaway all 4! Luckily for you the app has been out for just about a month, currently has 1,500+ active installs and is gaining about 20 a day. So make sure you have the app INSTALLED on your Android device and be sure to tell your friends, co workers and family members! IMPORTANT: Installing the app does NOT include you in the giveaway it merely determines how many items will be given away.

Entering the giveaway

  • You must be subscribed to my Youtube channel. If you are not already CLICK HERE to subscribe.
  • You must fill out the form below asking for your first name, last initial (to be displayed in the video announcing the winner(s)), your e-mail address, the best Harbor Freight tool and the item number for that tool.
  • It is important to subscribe to the Youtube channel because the winners will be REQUIRED to claim their prize.
    Details for claiming the prize will be laid out in the winners announcement video. It is up to you how you define the word “best”. I will take the results and make a video doing a top 10 Harbor Freight tools determined by the participants of this giveaway. Even if you are not interested in the prize I would encourage you to still participate to help create the top 10 list also the more participation we have in this giveaway the more giveaways I will do.

    This giveaway will end in roughly 2 weeks (end of June) and I will post the video announcing the winner a few days later (it will take time to do the data entry part of all the participants and get that organized). Once I am no longer taking new entries for the giveaway you will see “GIVEAWAY CLOSED” in big letters at the top of this page.

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