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Amazon Giveaway: TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3 ×18-Inch w/ 12 Belts

[amazon_link asins=’B076GVG4J6′ template=’Deal’ store=’strugglevil03-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a5ad0fa7-b986-4b83-b5e1-02d495113c5e’]

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Giveaway: TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3 ×18-Inch w/ 12 Belts

  1. Kerri

    I just recently purchased this very sander – I didn’t win via this link… (cue loser music.) Anyway … I really like that you could attach it to the table – and that it was designed for that. I was going to do that with whatever belt sander I purchased… so I figured why not take a chance on one that has that option built it, right? So far I’ve only turned it on and adjusted the dial. It’s loud – but then, it’s a sander, they’re all loud. Zippity do da’s right along, easy to change the paper belt and easy to mount to surface.

    Only caveat so far – is that I’m not sure what material those clamps are made out of – it’s not exactly metal and not exactly plastic either. No clue what alloy or composite they’re made from. Never seen such an animal before. Time and my paws will determine how long they last. I’m pretty rough on tools. Especially since I purchased this specifically as a disposable sander…. I don’t expect much. So far though – I’ve been impressed with Tacklife.

    I purchased their Router bundle package thing… has a flex shaft included. It’s been amazeballs! I have a router already but it’s attached to my router table, and it’s a pain in the ass to get back on the table. And the extra flex shaft is nice because I have a dremel but it’s in the stand to turn it into a drill press of sorts – again pain in the ass to get back in there. I haven’t killed either tool yet… impressive.

    I’m renovating 2 levels of my house and custom building most of the furniture. I’m not a professional woodworker or anything … just like to tinker and build stuff. Some stuff doesn’t always turn out – but guaranteed I learn what not to do in those cases. lol


    1. PJ Post author

      Glad to hear you have liked your Tacklife tools. I have bought a few of their items now and have been happy with them so far. Its nice to see some quality tools at economic prices, at least when a promo code / coupon is available.