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The Holiday Spirit On Display At Walmart!

walmartHere is some back story on the video below. What happened before the camera started rolling.

I had just parked at the end of the same row of this miniature skirmish. As I was walking towards Walmart the black car was in the lane waiting on the silver SUV. As I was approaching the black car the driver honks his horn for a good 30 seconds and he is yelling but at the time his window was up… and his horn was going off so I am not sure what he said. Behind him was the dark colored SUV and there were 2 more cars behind her that were wrapping around to the right (from the angle of the video). These last 2 cars drove around and left before anything much happened.

The thing I didn’t really understand is the agitated guy in the black car was so close to the silver SUV in the parking spot that the lady couldn’t get out of the spot anyway. Two different times the black car started reversing but couldn’t go anywhere because there was a car behind him… but that car couldn’t go anywhere because there were cars behind her.

At one point a Walmart cart pusher approached the agitator in the black car and leaned towards the window but I couldn’t hear what was said. I started filming after the second time the guy in the black car backed up because it sure looked like he bumped the SUV behind him but from my angle I couldn’t tell for sure.

As you can tell from the video, the guy didn’t have a handicap license plate (Yes he may have a temporary card to hang on his mirror but who knows). One thing we can say for certain is that his mouth works just fine.

Nothing says class like screaming “fucking cunt” at a lady in a Walmart parking lot! I am sure his wife is a very proud woman.

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