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Tools of the Trade – Light Boxes

lighttentWhen it comes to reselling pictures are everything! If you are selling items on eBay and your pictures suck… well you won’t be selling anything on eBay!  So many buyers will never read your title, condition description or even the item description.  This means you need to be taking great pictures.  (Also, if you ever need to create a product page on Amazon and don’t have access to stock photos of the item you will need to be able to take great pictures with a white background.)

For my pictures I use this light box by Square Perfect.  I love this box because it is a tent style and can be folded flat and it creates its own carrying case.  This means it doesn’t take up a bunch of extra space and I can easily put it away when I am not taking pictures.  This set also comes with 2 lights that can be put on opposing sides of the item.  Another neat feature is that this kit has 4 different background colors.  It has traditional white but also comes with black, red and blue.  I haven’t found much use for red and blue but I do use the black one.  It is super hard to take a good picture of a predominantly white item with a white background.  The black background really makes those items pop so it is super useful to have.

If you have been having a hard time with your pictures a set like this will really help.  Most items can fit in this large tent style box and your pictures will have a crisp, clean background that really displays your item in a great way.

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