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Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints Product Review

  • CONTROL YOUR ENERGY LEVELS – Have exactly the amount of caffeine you need to boost your energy with 40mg of caffeine per mint, a B Vitamins complex, & fast oral sublingual absorption for an immediate and refreshing extra spark in minutes. Two pieces have as much caffeine as one cup of brewed coffee or an 8 oz energy drink, letting you take the amount of low dose caffeine you need anytime with no crash or jitters. Need a small booster? Have one mint. Need more? Have a second!
  • POWERFUL FRESH BREATH – Viter Energy Mints taste like minty candy with a strong and intense peppermint flavor & menthol kick. With 20 mints per pack, get energy and minty fresh breath on demand for anytime instant alertness and performance. Ditch the energy drink and energy shot you can’t save for later. Have an alternative to 100mg caffeine pills that keep you up for hours all night. Enjoy a flavorful mint without chewing gum, eating chews or energy gel and give your mouth a fresh clean feel.
  • CONVENIENT ON THE GO ENERGY – Viter Energy Mints on-the-go packets are compact tins that fit in your pocket. Get a quick caffeinated blast of tasty freshness whenever you want by leaving a tin in your car, your backpack or exercise bag. Effective as a pre workout performance enhancement supplement, for study sessions, concentrating through a late meeting, getting past the afternoon slump at work, partying with friends, a long drive, or boosting stamina for an alert all nighter.
  • ENERGY THAT WORKS ANYTIME YOU NEED IT – Run your day and stay awake with a safe and rapid acting effective energy source to energize and stop fatigue. Made for physical activity, mental endurance, & everyday life action. Zero calorie formula, Kosher, 40 mg caffeine per piece, B Vitamin complex of B3, B6, Folic Acid & B12. Sugar free and aspartame free. Vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, wheat free, lactose free, & dairy free. Viter Energy Mints are made in Canada.

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