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Use ANY Battery With ANY Tool – Cordless Tool Battery Adapters

Thanks to CLAY and LARRY for the heads up on this AMAZING product!

Using the right battery adapter below will allow you to use virtually any cordless tool with any battery. In the DeWALT 20V platform but see a great deal on a Milwaukee M18 item? no problem, get the right adapter and you are good to go!

*The titles on some of these listings can be confusing, make sure to read the bullet points and look at the pictures, read other people’s questions and check out the reviews, especially the pictures people post in reviews to make sure you are getting the right adapter for what you need.

(I bought the DeWalt battery to Milwaukee tool adapter, I’ll make a video for the Youtube channel once I get a chance to test it out.)

Didn’t find the adapter you need? Check out some others on Amazon.

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22 thoughts on “Use ANY Battery With ANY Tool – Cordless Tool Battery Adapters

  1. Jim walton

    I’m looking for a couple of adapters. I have lots of ridgid tools and batteries, I’d like to get adapters to go from my ridgid batteries to Milwaukee tools; Dewalt 18v “post” style cordless tools,20 volt max, and flexVolt. Can you find/get/sell me these adapters?

  2. Gary DeSantis

    I have a Harbor Freight 20V Drill and Black and Decker 20V battery and visa versa, do you have an idea if these adapters are available anywhere?

  3. Palemon Alvarado

    Looking for an adapter for Chicago electronic 18v tools so that i can fit my Makita 18v batteries with.

  4. Gledson

    Looking for an adapter that let’s me use Dewalt 20V batteries into my old Porter Cable 18V tools. Recs?

  5. ernest houle

    I am looking for a battery adapter that will allow me to use 24 or 40volt tools on a 80 volt battery. Thanks Ernie

  6. Alan Blumensheid

    I have a Black and Decker 18 volt string trimmer and i need an adapter so I can use my Makita 18 volt bl1830 batteries with you sell such an adapter?

  7. sean m johnson

    I need an adapter that takes the 20 volt porter cable batter and converts it to work on a 20 volt dewalt. Do you have that?

    1. Me

      That’s the hard one. Ryobi has that stupid peg sticking out of the battery — adapters can be made for that, but they’d be *so damn tall* — so basically nobody seems to make Ryobi-to-whatever converters. Some YouTube vids encourage making your own, noting you just need a junk Ryobi tool’s battery connection and whatever adapter’s battery connector, wire them up, etc — but you’d make your drill (etc) inches taller over having such a big adapter… I’ve also read Ryobi tools have the battery protection in the battery, so whatever adapted-battery in a Ryobi tool may not have much protection/may be damaged if you drain it all the way. Read this “might” (they phrased it goofy) be true with Rigid. So I might support those lines distinctly, and use my Makita batteries for Dewalt via adapter use. I find it odd/interesting Dewalt/Milwaukee batteries, *both*, can be converted to Makita tools on the same adapter. Lets the other-big-boys try my tools. Ryobi? I’d say keep those batteries but start an adaptable collection, maybe learn about the differences in Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita batteries and pick one… Or even do bosch or porter cable… Dunno adapters have the same protections, I hope they won’t damage tools, some fuss it’s not safe but I’ve yet to see much fussing (any) about broken tools or batteries. Even with to-Ryobi converters present, but I’m leery of those. I’ve yet to convert anything/this is just me early shopping. Best of luck.

  8. luis avalos

    Do you make the wire adapter that transforms a 20 v cordless dewalt to corded with a single battery port

    1. mike robibaro

      China has one
      I found out it’s hard to get adapters to use Bosch battery adapters for other tools
      Tried a Bosch to Ridgid/aeg adapter…no go,.doesn’t fit to make connection
      Guess I’m going back to Milwaukee…can get an adapter to run m18 batteries on any brand tool


    I do not see any adapters for the HTP Metabo line. I want to use the 18 volt Metabo batteries on my 18 volt dewalt drill. Also I was wondering do they have an adapter for using other batteries on the warrior drill from Harbor Freight? Just let me know if there are any adapters available for what what I’m looking for. This was a great article thanks for your help..

    1. PJ Post author

      All the adapters I know of are in the post but I will try to update it as I see other ones come available.

      The DeWALT 18v might be unlikely since its an older platform. You may have to get the DeWALT 18v to 20v adapter and then hope for an adapter from 20v DeWALT to Metabo. That may be a bit much though, by the time you buy the adapters you could probably replace the drill?

        1. Charles

          that’s what I want too: need as well: want to use the occasional P-C tool with my dewalt battery collection.

    2. mthomp

      Yup – I’m looking for Metabo / Hitachi to any other. I need to buy a leaf blower and a multi tool and would prefer to keep the batteries I have for my Hitachi and not go into multiple systems.