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DeWALT Charger Speed Test

I thought it would be interesting to compare how fast the DeWALT DCB115 chargers a battery compared to the DCB118 “fast” charger. In the video we charge 2 DeWALT 5ah batteries side by side to find out how long it takes each charger to give a full charge. The DCB115 is a 4 amp charger and the DCB118 is an 8 amp charger. DeWALT also has a 2 amp charger, it is model DCB112.

Below are the current prices (as of 6/2/19) for the DCB118 and DCB115.

DCB118 Fast Charger

  • Amazon: Check price.
  • Home Depot: $94
  • Northern Tool: $94
  • ToolBarn: $94
  • Acme Tools: $94

  • DCB115 4 amp charger

  • Amazon: Check price.
  • Home Depot: $74
  • ToolBarn: $74
  • CPO: $74
  • Acme Tools: $74

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    One thought on “DeWALT Charger Speed Test

    1. Matt Cook

      Maybe discharge the batteries again and re do the test after switching the batteries to account for possible differences in the charging capacities/condition/age of the batteries? Average the two charging times?