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Tool News: Harbor Freight Recall, Central Hydraulics High Position Motorcycle Lift Item #99887

Harbor Freight recall - motorcycle lift

Attention all motorcycle enthusiasts! If you own a Central Hydraulics High Position Motorcycle Lift from Harbor Freight, it’s time to pay attention. Harbor Freight Tools has issued a safety recall on this product (Item # 99887) in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to safety concerns.

The issue with the product lies in the welds, which may be susceptible to fatigue cracking. Additionally, the tubing quality for certain units may be insufficient to repeatedly lift the rated load. This inconsistency in the weld quality and/or tubing could cause the product to fall and/or drop the load, posing a risk of injury and/or property damage.

If you own this product, it’s important to stop using it immediately and not attempt to repair it. Affected units were sold between October 6, 2008, and February 23, 2023. Approximately 42,000 units are affected by this Harbor Freight recall. To identify if your unit is affected, check the item number (99887) found on the product or packaging.

Harbor Freight recalled motor cycle lift label

Do not return the entire product to the store. Instead, to receive a refund in the form of an HFT gift card, carefully remove the Hydraulic Ram from the Motorcycle Lift according to the instructions provided below. It is important to release any load from the Motorcycle Lift before removing the Hydraulic Ram, and wear ANSI-approved safety goggles, heavy-duty work gloves, and safety shoes while doing so.

Harbor Freight Tools will contact affected purchasers directly. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their customer service line at (800) 444-3353 or email

Instructions to remove the hydraulic ram on Harbor Freight recalled lift

1) Lower the Lift and remove any load.
2) Close the Release Valve and remove the bolts on the Hydraulic Ram Bracket using adjustable or 13mm wrenches. Remove the Clip Ring using snap ring pliers, then support the Hydraulic Ram while removing the Shaft.
3) Return the Hydraulic Ram to your local Harbor Freight store for an HFT gift card.
4) Recycle the rest of the unit or dispose of it properly.

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