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Tool News: Discover the Power of Ultrasonic Cleaning with the Vevor 30L

The Vevor 30L ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful cleaning device that uses ultrasonic waves to remove contaminants from various objects. Its 30-liter tank is filled with a cleaning solution and has a transducer that emits high-frequency sound waves into the solution, generating powerful shockwaves that dislodge dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface of objects. This process, known as cavitation, creates tiny bubbles that collapse rapidly and penetrate even the tiniest crevices and corners of objects. The Vevor ultrasonic cleaner is gentle and does not damage the objects being cleaned, making it ideal for cleaning…

Vevor ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of sizes and are available directly from Vevor via their website.

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Tool News: DeWALT’s TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Dual Port Charger – The Ultimate Solution for Charging and Storing Cordless Tool Batteries


DeWALT has always been a leading name in the world of power tools and accessories. Recently, they released a new product that is set to revolutionize the way professionals charge, store, and transport their cordless tool batteries. The TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 Dual Port Charger (Model DWST08050) is a durable, weather-resistant box that allows users to charge up to…

Tool News: Ford Files Patent For Self Repossessing Cars

Ford logo on steering wheel

Ford has recently filed a patent with the USPTO for a system that enables vehicle repossession. According to The Drive, one of the described methods enables autonomous vehicles to repossess themselves. The filing details the use of this system in semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles. For vehicles equipped with semi-autonomous technology, the vehicle could move itself to a location where it can be easily towed. In the case of autonomous vehicles, the car could drive itself to the lending company or repo lot. If the vehicle is deemed not worth the cost of repossession, it could drive itself to…

Tool News: Exploring Temu, the Affordable Online Superstore You Need to Know About

Temu logo

Temu, a Boston-based online marketplace, has quickly risen to become the most downloaded app in the United States, surpassing industry giants such as Amazon and Walmart. Temu’s impressive growth can be attributed to its wide range of affordable, high-quality products, including home goods, apparel, and electronics, and its low prices have drawn comparisons to Shein, the Chinese fast fashion upstart.

In November, Temu soared to the top of both iOS and Android mobile app stores in the US…