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Increase Your Income By Selling T-Shirts Online!


One of my new favorite ways to make money online is by designing t-shirts and selling them on sites like Amazon and TeePublic. Now before you get scared away this is really easy to do! When using these sites all you have to do is upload the shirt design and the site you are using will create the shirt and ship it to your customer. The great thing about designing shirts is it becomes a passive income for you. You can create a shirt design today and still be making money off of it 10 years from now. This is what makes designing t-shirts such a lucrative money making opportunity.


Amazon vs. Everyone Else!

Merch by Amazon is the king of the t-shirt design space. Amazon already has a huge customer base and a great supply chain to make the process really easy for both you and your buyers. The problem with Merch by Amazon is you have to go through an approval process which can take several months and if at any point you become “inactive” they may suspend your account! This is why I suggest everyone looking to make money designing t-shirts starts with TeePublic.


Why You Should Sell On TeePublic

TeePublic is by far my favorite site to sell t-shirts on. The great thing about TeePublic is how quick it is to sign up and how easy it is to start creating T-shirt designs. Here is the link to create your FREE account, To sign up with TeePublic all you need is to create a username and password. No waiting for approval, no hassles!


Your designs are YOURS!

On some sites, when you upload a design you are essentially giving the site ownership of your designs. This is not the case on TeePublic. Everything you upload is still your content. This is key because if you decide to branch out to other sites or if your Merch by Amazon account finally gets approved, you will be able to upload the design on these other sites as well.


$4 Commission On Every Sale

On TeePublic every shirt is priced the same. These keeps all designers on a level playing field and avoids the “race to the bottom” that Amazon is known for. This means that we know you will earn $4 every single time you sell a t-shirt. At $4 each you can see how quickly your earnings can add up. Lets say you upload 100 designs to TeePublic and are able to sell 1 shirt of each design each day. That means you will earn $400 a day! But even if you can only sell 25 shirts a day that is still $100 a day. $100 a day is $36,500 a year! That is equivalent to a full time job! For people who are willing to put in a little up front work, TeePublic is a great way to supplement your household income.


Designing For Dummies

I have to admit I am not artistic at all! I don’t have a creative bone in my body. For those of you who know graphic design, know how to use PhotoShop or GIMP, all you need to know is that TeePublic requires you to upload your files as a PNG with transparency. For everyone else read on!

Because I am not artistically inclined I use a site called CoolText has a bunch of different text designs and fonts you can use to create your t-shirt designs. Spend some time playing around with CoolText and you will get the hang of editing the fonts and size of your designs.

Below are some examples of shirts I have uploaded to TeePublic that were created using CoolText:



Share Your Designs!

You are not done after uploading your designs! As soon as your T-shirt is available for sale on TeePublic it will be at a discounted price ($14) for the first 72 hours! It is vitally important for you to advertise your designs. Advertising your designs is as simple as sharing them on all your social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everything else you are using. Tell your family and friends about your designs, encourage them to share the designs on social media. The key to success is to get as many eyes as possible on your designs!

TeePublic has been a great way for me to earn a bunch of extra money. I hope you decide to give it a try and have the same experience!

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