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Sell Your Items To With The Amazon Trade-In Program!

AmazonTradeInBeing in the sales business isn’t for everyone.  Whether it be in a retail setting or a resale setting like most online sellers.  You may have given it a try and now are looking to unload your unsold inventory.  Or maybe you just have some extra items you would like to unload and don’t want to deal with setting up a selling account, listing the items, shipping the items and dealing with customers.  If you fall into either of those categories I have the perfect solution for you, the Amazon Trade-In Program.

Most aren’t even aware that they can sell their items directly to AMAZON!  You simply find the items you would like to sell through their UPC code (the number below the bar code) or ISBN number and Amazon will tell you if they are buying that item and how much they will pay you for it.  Once you have selected all your items Amazon will set you up with a shipping label that you print right from your computer.  Amazon even pays for the shipping.  After shipping your items Amazon will inspect them to make sure they are in acceptable condition and that they are the correct item.  About 10 days after you send in these items you can expect to get an Amazon gift card for your items.  If any items are not accepted, Amazon will ship them back at NO cost to you!

You can buy almost ANYTHING on Amazon.  Which means Amazon will also buy almost ANYTHING.  Many people who have heard of this program think of it in terms of just trading in books but that is not the case!  Don’t be afraid to check any item you have with a UPC code or ISBN number you may be surprised at what items Amazon will buy!

The Amazon Trade-In Program makes it easy for consumers to unload unwanted items and an Amazon gift card is nearly as good as cash.  But you do have to temper your expectations.  Remember Amazon is buying your items so that they can resell them.  They can’t make a profit and pay you top dollar for your items.  But what you may lose monetarily you gain ten fold in convenience and ease of use.  So next time you come across an item in your house that you no longer need be sure to consider this great offer from Amazon!

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