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USPS Service & Rate Changes 2016

usps-logoEvery year the United States Post Office makes a few changes.  Typically these changes are nothing more than rate hikes.  In 2016, we get the same old rate hikes but they have also removed some services, renamed others and changed the specifics of others.

The biggest win for eBay and Amazon sellers is that first class mail went from a weight cap of 13 ounces upto 15.99 ounces.  Anything under 1 pound can now be sent first class and this can be a HUGE savings for sellers.  For eBay sellers, the shipping calculator has already been updated and as of today you can print First Class postage for upto 16 ounces.  However, Amazon has a horrible shipping calculator.  They will have to update rates so hopefully they add 14, 15 ad 16 ounce weights to the calculator.  But remember Amazon still doesn’t have legal flat rate, padded flat rate, small flat rate, large flat rate, regional A or regional B boxes.

First Class Package pricing will now be the same $2.60 price for packages up to 8oz. This makes things simpler for figuring out how much your shipping costs will be but if you routinely ship things that are under 6 ounces you will be paying up to 50 cents more than you were previously paying.

Express flat rate will be discontinued.

The regional C box will be discontinued.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  The C box was never added to eBay or Amazon’s shipping calculator and it was an absolute horrible value.  My girlfriend reminded me today that I called the box garbage in this video over 2 years ago!

Parcel Select (formerly known as Parcel Post) will now be called Parcel Select Ground.

Below is a rate chart for 2016 First Class Packages, the chart also includes the increases from 2015 to 2016.



Here is a chart showing the increases in Regional Rate Boxes.


Regional Rate boxes have the potential to be a GREAT value and save you a ton in shipping costs!  Many sellers have either never heard of these boxes or just don’t know how to use them.  If you would like more information on these boxes, click here.

Priority Mail Increase

Zones 1-4


The above chart gives you an idea of how much more you should expect to pay with the new rate increases.  Zone 4 at the 4 pound rate, a WHOPPING $8.49. OUCH!


New Flat Rate Prices



Tips For 2016


  • You absolutely must get used to using flat rate envelopes, boxes and regional boxes.  These will become more and more valuable this year.
  • USPS has 3 prices structures starting from most expensive to cheapest they are Retail, Commercial Base and Commercial Plus.  On eBay and Amazon you pay Commercial Base (Unless you are a TRS or high volume seller on eBay… in those cases you pay Commercial Plus).  In 2015, you paid Commercial Base prices on but in 2016 you will be paying Retail.  This is mostly important for Amazon sellers using certain flat rate and regional boxes since the Amazon shipping calculator does not support these.
  • In general, if your package is going to a zone 5-9 you will want to consider flat rate or regional shipping options.


For more shipping help and information check out our Shipping Help section.


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