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Struggleville Browser Extension – Quickly And Easily Find Harbor Freight Coupons! now has a Google Chrome browser extension! The Coupon Finder is designed to make finding Harbor Freight coupons as easy as possible and it is 100% free.


The feature I believe will be most useful is our integration with Harbor Freight item pages. The extension adds a link to the Harbor Freight item page where the item title and item number is shown. When that link is clicked it opens up a page to this site and performs a coupon search for that specific item.

Also, we have included a search box that functions the same as the search box at the top of this site. You can type in any Harbor Freight item number or name of an item and it will show you if any coupons are currently available.

In the extension we have also included links to some of our most popular pages including our Free Item Coupon page, 20% Off Coupon page and our New Coupons page.

The bottom of the extension includes an affiliate link to eBay and to Amazon as well as a link to send a tip via Paypal. Followers of this site and of my Youtube channel know that all the content I produce is 100% free. Under normal circumstances all the content I create does not cost me anything other then my time however for this extension I did have to commission a 3rd party to have it created and pay them for their efforts. I only ask that those who find the extension useful and have the means to do so, consider sending a tip as a token of appreciation. When installing the extension you can also leave a review, I would of course appreciate a (hopefully 5 star) review.

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9 thoughts on “Struggleville Browser Extension – Quickly And Easily Find Harbor Freight Coupons!

    1. PJ Post author

      To turn off the notifications, you need to go to Windows Settings > System > Notifications & Actions. Under the Notifications section, turn off all the notifications you want to prevent from popping up.

  1. Kevin

    Recently recived coupons In my email from HF and the 44 toolbox has a sku for black, red and blue.
    I would send you a pic but can not attach it.
    Did not see it on the 56 or 72 though.
    Thought this would interest you.

    1. PJ Post author

      Thanks for the heads up! I haven’t gotten any e-mail from them recently (Why wouldn’t everyone get the same e-mails?) but good to know the new colors are on their way!